Dry Eyes Management

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Our eyes produce tears to stay moist and protected from irritants and infections. Every time we blink, a thin layer of tears spreads across the surface of the eye, which also helps to keep the eye smooth and able to focus light better. Tears are actually very important to the health and function of the eye.

If one’s tear production is inadequate or of poor quality, it can result in eye redness, stinging, inflammation and blurry vision. Common causes of dry eyes include ageing, having certain medical conditions (e.g., Sjogren’s syndrome), taking certain medicines, long-term contact lens use, and even abnormalities of the eye lids or lashes.

Dry Eyes Management

If you experience symptoms of dry eyes, Lumin Eye Specialists offers a range of screening tests and treatments that can help you resolve the problem effectively.

Symptoms of dry eyes would include sharp pricking sensation, burning/stinging eyes, intermittent blurring especially after using computers/mobile devices for too long.

At Lumin Eye Specialists, screening for dry eyes include:

  • A detailed examination of the eye anatomy
  • identifying markers that contribute to dry eye problems
  • testing your tear film's longevity after blinking
  • measuring your level of tear production
  • determining the quality of your tears
  • evaluating the eyelids, cornea, lid structure and blinking dynamics

In mild cases, dry eyes can be treated by using artificial tears and ointments to relieve dry eye symptoms. In severe cases, medication may be prescribed to reduce inflammation, or punctal plugs may be offered to temporarily or permanently block the tear ducts (to reduce tear drainage), and so on. We are equipped with microdermabrasion of the lids and lashes and also provide expression of excess eyelid secretions.

If you notice symptoms of dry eyes, seek medical attention by our ophthalmologists today for targeted treatment and relief.