Chalazion Removal

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When an oil gland in the eyelid becomes blocked, a fluid-filled lump or cyst called a chalazion can develop.

A chalazion typically manifests in the form of a painless bump on the eyelid (in most cases, the upper eyelid), irritation, watery eyes and blurred vision (if the chalazion is large enough).

While chalazia can often heal on their own, they sometimes continue to get bigger instead, in which case a minor surgical procedure may be needed to remove it. It is very important not to try to pop or drain the chalazion at home, as that can lead to an inflammatory reaction or even a bacterial infection.

Chalazion Removal

At Lumin Eye Specialists, our ophthalmologists are skilled in chalazion removal safely (if necessary). This is done through local anaesthesia and carefully placing a small incision inside the eyelid to drain the chalazion, or a steroid injection to reduce inflammation and swelling.

Chalazion removal is commonly recommended if:

  • It is causing you discomfort, redness or tenderness
  • You are bothered by its appearance on your eyelid 
  • The chalazion is not responding to medical treatment

Small chalazion may be managed at home with warm compression, massage and proper hygiene to facilitate its natural healing. However, if it does not improve after a few days,seek medical attention at our eye clinic to get it evaluated.