Contact Lens Fitting

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Contact lenses are thin and soft silicone or hydrogel discs that are worn over the cornea of the eye.

Typically used as an alternative to spectacles, contact lenses are used to correct vision problems such as nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism and even presbyopia (lao-hua).

Contact Lens Fitting

Compared to traditional spectacles, contact lenses:

  • offer a wider field of view free from obstructions such as frames
  • do not fog up and avoid reflection and glare issues
  • are practical for those who engage in sports and do not want spectacles to get in the way
  • may be more comfortable to people who experience headaches with spectacles
  • are cosmetically discreet – nobody will know they are being worn

At Lumin Eye Specialists, our contact lens fitting services include:

  • Performing a detailed check-up to assess the patient’s vision and eye structure
  • Selecting the right type of contact lens (dimensions, material, alignment, etc.)
  • Recommending appropriate wearing modalities to match the patient’s lifestyle and eye structure
  • Guiding the patient on how to best wear and take proper care of the contact lenses

Patients whose contact lenses are properly fitted by qualified eyecare professionals enjoy comfortable and clear vision.

We have trained optometrists who fit these lenses and our patients are also reviewed regularly by our ophthalmologists to minimise any contact lens associated problems.