Dilated Retinal Examination

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A retinal detachment is an emergency whereby the retina pulls away from its rightful position. With the retina being separated from the blood vessels that oxygenate the eye, the longer it persists, the higher the risk of permanent vision loss in the eye.

Look out for the sudden appearance of numerous floaters, flashes of light, blurred vision, progressively reduced peripheral vision, and darkened vision. Surprisingly, this serious condition is usually painless, so it is important that you do not ignore the other visual symptoms.

Retinal Evaluation

At Lumin Eye Specialists, once urgent medical attention is sought for a suspected case of retinal detachment, we will proceed with:

  • A funduscopy, which enables the ophthalmologist to assess the structures located at the back of the eye, which includes the retina.
  • A vision assessment
  • A dilated retina examination
  • Retina imaging test

If a retinal detachment (or a retinal tear – before it progresses into a full detachment) is identified, your ophthalmologist will proceed to customise a treatment plan for you. This may include ways to seal a retinal tear e.g laser treatment, as well as techniques that essentially push the retina back to the eye wall, and have it re-attached and heal in its rightful position.  If you are found to have areas of thinned out retina with risk of detachment in the future, our doctors would also recommend laser treatment to prevent retinal tears in the future

If you notice symptoms of a retinal detachment, or are at risk of developing one, do not hesitate to get evaluated by our experienced team of ophthalmologists today.